butlerNetworks Denmark First Wireless Network

Thursday 1. March butlerNetworks launched Denmark’s first FWA connection (Fixed Wireless Access) in Copenhagen and made wireless broadband a reality.

We have established our first basestation on Vesterbrogade in the heart of Copenhagen and we already have several customers connected. It is the first connection established under the FWA license for transmission in the 26 GHz band which butlerNetworks was awarded in December 2000.

At that occasion Managing Director, Nina Wahl Asmussen gave the promise that butlerNetworks would be airborne no later than 1. March, a promise she has now kept. We experience a substantial interest for the possibilities with wireless broadband and it certainly is not difficult to find customers, says Nina Wahl Asmussen. It promise well for our roll-out plans which comprise another 31 basestations before the end of the year.  

The first link was established to the Dubex on Islands Brygge. Dubex is a well-established consultants company within IT security who, apart from being dependant on their outgoing connections also see the possibilities of the new technology. About Denmark’s first FWA link Partner, Gorm Mandsberg from Dubex says:  

“At Dubex we are very dependant of our Internet connection. But even with redundancy in our cables we are not guaranteed against cables being damaged. This is what we experienced recently and it cost us a whole day “down”. We were offered to be test customer for butlerNetworks and within few days we had a wireless link to our usual ISP. It is a very easy and quick way to get true broadband installed.”

Dubex is a good example of the target group and the possibilities of FWA says Nina Wahl Asmussen. It is companies with a need for transmitting data, voice and video and consequently needs large capacities. Companies whose needs have increased and may very well continue to do so and via FWA can get stable connections they can tune to higher capacities following to their increasing needs. butlerNetworks start at 2 Mbits, where copper based ADSL stops, and reaches 155 Mbits. We have more customers in the pipeline and it is e.g. capacity demanding housing associations, picture processing advertising agencies and information exchanging corporations.

ButlerNetworks is in the market as a carriers carrier and offer FWA links via partners. This is a position that makes it possible for all other operators – also Telecom companies without a license - to offer wireless Access to their customers.

E.g. the Dubex link is established in cooperation with Tele2.

“It will strengthen competition which again will be for the benefit of the customers” says Nina Wahl Asmussen, “and that is exactly the intention as described in the Government publication “Det Digitale Danmark”.

Additional to Telecom companies other partner types are IT enterprise companies, Internet suppliers and hosting companies.

Being a newly established company with core business based on wireless access it is of course important to us to show we have the competence, the will and the strength to implement FWA in Denmark.

We set ourselves a high target when promising to be ready by 1. March – only 3 month after being awarded the license – and we are both happy and proud that we succeeded! But we do not rest on our laurels, Nina Wahl Asmussen concludes. The next basestation in Copenhagen is all set and according to our roll-out plan we will be present in Jutland by summer. 

For further information please call  Head of Communication Lisbeth Weichel, telephone 77 88 88 88 or e-mail liw@butlernetworks.com.


Denmarks first FWA basestation with customer airborne – Vesterbrogade, Compenhagen

1)                      Antenna with 2 of 4 radio transmitters needed to cover a complet circle.

2)                      Close-up of radio transmitter. Coverage up to 4 km in a 90 degree angle.

3)                      Antennas are situated high above the rooftops. From up here connections can be established to any customer with LOS (Line of Sight).