Paradigm believes in forging public and private partnerships necessary for creating vital and positive community environments.  The organization identifies and participates in the redevelopment of targeted areas that are in need of immediate, creative and cost effective solutions. 

        Michael Potter

Redevelopment: re·de·vel·op·ment
the act or process of redeveloping; especially : renovation of a blighted area

Paradigm Property has a core philosophy of transforming and revitalizing communities through the redevelopment of buildings and property.  Paradigm believes in forging public and private partnerships to achieve its goals of cost effective redevelopment of blighted areas in targeted communities.  Paradigm Property is managed as a for profit organization, with a compelling community mission.  

Many communities are currently struggling with the challenges of providing adequate housing as well as revitalizing neighborhoods..  Paradigm has a core belief that first-time owner occupied housing is the most effective way to bring stability and prosperity to many communities.  At Paradigm we are dedicated to this challenge.

We believe we can be most effective by remaining focused on the San Pedro,  The L.A. Harbor, and Alameda Corridor area.  This area is one of the most compelling economic drivers in North America and has until recently been underdeveloped and unrecognized.